Swift and simple interior help on the web

Interior by Maria Rasmussen offers simple interior assistance on the web, where you get help with the layout and interior of a room, finding the style that fits you and your home.

Interior help online, 3D models

Your simple drawings become fully furbished 3D models

In short we use your ground plan measurements to build a detailed 3D model of the room.

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Show, don’t tell!

The best way of explaining is to show how it is done.

We have gathered a bunch of customer case where you can see how we have helped people get kickstarted in their interior endeavors.

Customer Cases

My name is Maria Rasmussen

I run an interior inspiration-Instagram, and help you solve your interior-challenges through this site. I am schooled an interior architect, and from renovating my own home to helping you out, I love all things interior.

You’re welcome to stay in touch via my Instagram.